Client Management System
Your client relationship information - all in one place

The Pythagoras Client Management System is a modular solution that enables the Client Relationship Manager, Compliance, Auditing, back office and top management departments to be always up to date and on the same page. The modules, all complementing each other, can be deployed individually as you need them, when you need them and configured to your requirements. You can manage the whole relationship with your clients within one solution, saving time and ensuring consistent data and services.

Main Advantages

  • All client details in one place and full audit trail and history for KYC requirements
  • Deployed solution ensures data security, no internet connection required
  • Modules can be added independently at any time, integrating seamlessly into the familiar Pythagoras user interface
  • Risk based client segmentation according to internal factors can be configured as required
  • Contact log with all communications, calls, appointments, activities and reminders
  • Client financial profile for better service and appropriate suggestions
  • Relation Network to link family members and business connections
  • Powerful report tools for regular and ad-hoc reports
  • Prepared for Automatic Information Exchange to Tax Authorities

Key Features

  • Easily manage multiple addresses, contact information and instructions
  • Keep your clients monitored for updates from watchlists or changes in risk profile
  • Maintain information on ultimate beneficial owners, source of wealth, tax affiliation (e.g. for FATCA), financial products
  • Document management with expiry date monitoring, e.g. for passport copies
  • Calculate risk scores based on country risk, industry, profession or other criteria
  • Easily file documents, emails, memos within the client record for reference
  • Scalable from a single user installation to a multinational deployment with thousands of users
  • Multiple languages for user interface


Partner Profile

This base module of our client information management system offers several elements to enhance the efficiency of the data you have about your clients.

  • Administration of master data with multiple addresses and contact instructions
  • Relationship network management of private and business connections
  • Document management with control of completeness and supervision of renewal dates
  • File storage within the database independently from format and location (vault function)
  • Full audit trail and tamperproof client history


Client Profile

Detailed client information forms the core of your business, providing the opportunity to analyze your clients, retain rich client histories and identify their potential needs to enhance the business relationship.

  • Manage sensitive financial and private information separately and in a protected manner
  • Access can be granted to a narrower user group or to individual relationship managers only
  • Record source of wealth, tax affiliation, family relations, education and professional experience
  • Financial ratios, annual income, assets, inflow and outflow of larger amounts
  • Investment profile and guidelines, analysis of client needs and potential
  • Data points can be used in rules for Transaction Monitoring


Risk Management

Powerful and highly configurable module for segmentation of client base in different risk categories, based on your internal criteria. Allows application of a risk-based approach through separate screening rules in Partner Screening and can be used in Transaction Monitoring.

  • Multidimensional evaluation of different risk factors for each client, based on categories and scores
  • Can be applied to e.g. country risk, business risk, product risk
  • Some risk scores can be automatically calculated based on the data of other modules
  • Providing an overall risk profile for a client according to individual risk classification criteria and weighting
  • Very flexible configuration to fit existing corporate risk structures and values, or to meet specific requirements of regulators


Contact Management

Tailored to your requirements, this module can record all activities in relation to a client and provide evidence of all communication. It helps client managers to plan and follow up all activities across the whole relationship.

  • Recording all activities in relation to a client, providing evidence of communication
  • Supports different categories and statuses during the client relationship
  • Logging of calls, meetings, emails with appointment dates and reminder function
  • Case management and collaboration with different internal parties
  • Easily drag-and-drop emails, documents, pictures and notes into the contact window for reference
  • Reporting tools for pending or upcoming activities, open cases and more


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