Fulfil your customer due diligence requirements with our flexible risk management solutions

Partner Screening

Pythagoras Partner Screening ensures efficient detection and steady monitoring of business relationships with high-risk persons or entities. It automates background checks against reference data of your choice and monitors for updates, enabling your compliance team to concentrate on case management. The native character screening capability supports global deployment while meeting local needs.

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Transaction Screening

Real-time pre-clearing transaction screening enables the identification and management of all parties involved in payments. Pythagoras Transaction Screening compares the payment information against a predefined set of reference data of your choice. The learning system remembers recurring parties but will continue to monitor them for changes in the reference data. Our solution ensures that every hit only needs to be processed once and includes special rules to screen any remittance text

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Transaction Monitoring

Pythagoras Transaction Monitoring takes client information from the Pythagoras database with transaction information from the accounting system and processes them together through a pre-determined set of rules. These rules are defined by your organisation; any deviation from normal or plausible transactions will be alerted and can be documented. Integration with the Partner Screening and Transaction Screening modules in Pythagoras Solutions enables a detailed picture of the financial circumstances of clients, all while fulfilling regulatory requirements at the same time.

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Client Management System

The Pythagoras Client Management System is a modular solution that enables the Client Relationship Manager, Compliance, Auditing, back office and top management departments to be always up to date and on the same page. The modules, all complementing each other, can be deployed individually as you need them, when you need them and configured to your requirements. You can manage the whole relationship with your clients within one solution, saving time and ensuring consistent data and services.

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Application Programming Interface (API)

The Pythagoras API is an interface module, which allows extended and complex integrations with 3rd party systems based on a standardized set of communication methods. The client can develop their own front-end for their system according to internal requirements. The API can then be called to request data and execute certain functions.

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