We offer personal and customer-oriented assistance.


Our personal and client-centered support is available the entire license period of your Pythagoras Solution. To be able to support our clients as effectively as possible, a responsible person should be defined as the central point of contact at each client. Through the direct communication with this application manager, we ensure a continuous knowledge transfer, which in turn enables him to take over the help-desk function for other Pythagoras users within his company.

In order to ensure our accessibility for all our clients worldwide in the shortest possible time in case of problems, we operate support centers in Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Support services included in the license

Your Pythagoras Solution comes with the general support package. This includes the following services over the respective license period:

  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Support with problems
  • Help on technical matters
  • Regular updates

These services can be called upon during the local working hours at the support center assigned to each client.

Additional professional services

We also offer the following professional services beyond the general support package included in our solutions. Ask for a quotation according to your requirements, as for example:

  • Re-installations, test installations, feature enhancements and add-on modules
  • Specialized solutions, customization and other consulting services
  • Support availability outside of office hours
  • Additional training (remote or on-site) after the implementation phase for new users or IT managers
  • On-site visits by our specialists, if remote access is not possible or not allowed