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Pythagoras is a regulatory compliance and client management software company, was founded in 2005 and serves several hundred companies in the financial industry worldwide. Our software solutions mainly support the compliance and risk management department, both at the front and back office. We understand compliance as an entire range of activities within your company and our mission is to provide you with an integrated solution for systematic and efficient management and control of these workflows.

Our innovative and modular software is continuously being further developed and adjusted to new business needs and regulatory environments as they arise. The flexibility of the system allows for customized configuration to cover individual requirements and specifications. A systematic use of Pythagoras Solutions in your business ensures you a professional and world class customer and risk management service. Key advantages of our solutions: 

Security: All screening and data management are done internally, behind your
   firewall.No customer data leaves the house and our solutions work independently from
   an internet connection.

Time saving: Automation of data updates and screening procedures makes sure your
   compliance can concentrate on the alert resolution.  

Native character screening: directly matching names in original characters 
   (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Russian etc.) reduces false positives and increase  
   precision. Also Chinese Commercial Code can be screened.

Transparent: vast options for configuration of screening rules are discussed with the
   client and adjusted according to the risk philosophy. All settings are “open book” for
   compliance, internal and external auditors.

Fast and efficient: Full implementation can be done within a few weeks and can cover
   any scale from a small setup to a multinational solution. High screening performance
   through overnight indexing and multi-threading.

User friendly: Intuitive Multilanguage Interface, only short training needed, easy
   maintenance for IT admin, several support level options available.

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