About Pythagoras Ltd.

about pythagoras ltd

We aspire to support enterprises of all trades and sizes in implementing suitable compliance concepts by means of consultation and the Pythagoras product. Our prime concerns are confidentiality and security, upon which we base any co-operation with our clients.  

In particular:

  • Confidentiality – we do not publish or present any client names.
  • Data Security – all data remain in-house with clients.
  • Security – no internet connection is required for the operation of Pythagoras.
  • Independence and costs – we take pleasure in training our clients’ employees in a three – five-day course. As a result pythagoras may be implemented and maintained autonomously. Of course, we assist you on-site or via remote, if required.
  • Customer service – our Service Centers in Switzerland, Cape Town and Hong Kong guarantee a worldwide support.

We intend being a reliable long-term partner for our clients and apply our entire efforts to this end.